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How Do You Make Your Workout Clothes Look Good?

Working out is a fun activity if you get to enjoy it with a free mind. You don't only get to lose extra pounds but you feel good about yourself. This is because when you achieve the fitness goals, it automatically means that you're at the top of your physical appearance, which helps boost the confidence.

However, the workouts alone cannot achieve this, which is why we focus on choosing the best high waisted leggings and support bras. The bigger issue is that people spend a lot of money on these clothes but they don't know how to style them properly. So, in case you've some gym clothes but don't know how to make them look good, we're sharing the details!

Focus on Layering

Imagine wearing all the clothes made from Lycra and expect yourself to look top-notch. Honestly, this is a bit challenging to achieve. For this reason, we recommend focusing on layering if you want to look good in your gym clothes. A little bit of layering before and after workout will ensure that you're ready to hit the streets.

The easiest option is a good jacket. A jacket will ensure that you don't catch cold during winter season and you can even throw it off when things get heated up while working out. However, if you don't like jackets, you can get cute tank tops and pair them in contrasting colors. To be precise, you can wear a support bra is a different color. Cosmolle has a lot of support bras that you can mix and match with the tank tops that you already have.


You might thing that it's not related to activewear bodysuit but cleanliness can be the best thing to make your appearance amazing. After every wear, you should wash the clothes. 

For this purpose, you'll have to purchase high-quality clothes and Cosmolle is a good choice. They've clothes that can go through multiple washes without causing any see-through issues or tearing.

Use Accessories

When we talk about accessories, many people think that they've to wear jewelry with a 3d printed bra but that's not the case. Instead, we recommend opting for non-jewelry and gym-centric accessories. Some of these options include a headband to keep the hair away and a towel to dry yourself. 

If you like to carry a lot of things with you, you can also purchase a nice gym bag that not only looks amazing but also carries all the belongings easily.

Wear Support Clothes

Last but not least, you've to wear the support clothes. The support clothes include a support bra and good shorts that support your breasts and butt, respectively. You can easily find these supporting clothes at Cosmolle and there won't be any shortage of colors for you. However, you must take your measurements properly to ensure there are no sizing issues.

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  1. i think we need to focus on both functionality and style...

  2. Workout dengan style yang dikenakan dah jadi satu kesatuan. Aku juga kalau workout pake yang nyaman untuk mempermudah gerakan, karena workoutnya di rumah aja, jadi ga masalah kalau sedikit terbuka


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