Hawaii Mountain’s Wind

When I was seven, I watch a great movie in my television that in each scene I found a real man charm. I was only a little girl and did not know why he looked so gorgeous. Then I rent the movie from a movie rental and kept watching the movie for thousands times. After years, the man remains gorgeous for me. Later, I know, he is different because he got a quite a bit Asian blood and also Hawaiian one. His name sounds unique for me and from the moment until his latest movies I feel that he might be the most talented actor. He plays well in action movies and also good in romance movies.

He is a Dracula, charming police, devil buster, a bad lawyer, a super smart scientist, a melancholic architect, and Neo the one. Keanu Reeves might not be the most expensive actor of Hollywood but he is truly the best actor for me. Keanu Reeves do not accept too many awards for a good actor but he deserves to get the real award for his variety of character. He has thousands faces characters that suit each movie he plays. Keanu Reeves are not too controversial for the Hollywood celebrity level of society. However, he is one actor that concerns in acting and deserves to get Best of the Best Award. Keanu without any BoB Awards is the best actor in my heart. Keanu reeves maybe not too intense in winning an award but it is just less important as blogger to win Bolg Awards.


  1. I love Him too! Apalagi waktu dia maen di Constantine itu.. ough.. dia memang aktor yang jarang terserang gosip. Jarang ngisi halaman gosip dan dia punya rahang kokoh yang bikin banyak cewek jatuh-ke-got :D I love him ^^

  2. mantapp....padahal aku gak ngerti dengan bahasanya hehe..
    ntar ah nunggu terjemahannya hehe


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