1 October 2009

Playing Golf in Vacation

Once, we went on vacation to a tourist area located in the northern part of town. My dad has a hobby of playing golf to find a vacation spot with golf course facilities. My dad wanted to spend her vacation time to play golf. While my mother wanted to spend the holidays to go to the coast. Therefore it we decided to visit a tourist place that has a second facility. Luckily the place we were looking for was the northern part of town.

That day arrived; we started preparing the equipment we would need there. In addition, we also bring food and soft drinks to complement a holiday there. The place became our goal to spend the holidays this year is the Myrtle Beach Golf. An attractive facility for the most enjoyable vacation with the beautiful beach and golf courses offering. This will be the Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations is providing the best event you and your family vacation. After getting the inn, my dad immediately rushed to play golf and enjoy his hobbies that require concentration. While I and my mother immediately rushed to picnic on the beach while enjoying the beautiful view of the waves and feel the cool wind is there. While my father took Myrtle Beach Golf Package, so we only pay once to enjoy the Golf Packages Myrtle Beach with the low price. Vacation time is even more fun with Myrtle Beach Golf.

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15 Responses to "Playing Golf in Vacation"

  1. pssst.. nice repiu bro :D

  2. dollar akan segera dibayar...hore,,,,hore,,,

    bang ada trik internet gratis diblog saya loh...

  3. jiahhhh postingan berbayar!
    (lapor mbah gugel..nggak dink)!

    saran saya sih untuk postingan berbayar bagusnya dibuatin blog khusus!
    wekekekekkeke, jadinya nggak bikin blog sehari-hari kita tercemar!

    *galakan berternak blok!

  4. good repiew bos

    salam kenal...........

  5. pagi mas..salam kenal ya..apa kabar? maaf lahir batin ya..nuhun mas..nitip ini ya..bela negara ala lansia
    terima kasih.

  6. Cihuiiii...mantep deh...
    $$$ akan mengalir :D
    Oh..ya, mw tukeran link..?? :D

  7. @syd

    @aneka tips


    makasih saranna

    @mbah gendeng
    sip dah,salam kenal juga

    salam kenal

    ayo,q taro linknya ya

    @bang arie

  8. This is a cool blog, I’ll definately be coming back. I like the layout.

  9. Bisnis lancjar Mas ,,,,
    Tukeran link yuk ...

  10. successful ... good morning to you greetings from me .. :)


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