26 September 2009

More secure without the key

Every person must have valuables, either personally or have owned companies. Valuables can be a wealth or secret documents important that you have to keep in a safe place. Usually you have a safe with a specific code to store your valuables. Or you keep it in the bank. You think all your storage assets will be safe. Perhaps you are correct estimate, but if you keep these valuables in a closet with a key, so the key concern will be lost or lost. Or if the tone using the code, then you should be more careful to memorize the opening code for your vault.

More secure without a key, maybe that statement right if we find the storage facility or your valuables by using sophisticated technology that only relies on fingerprint. You just memorize the case codes and make sure your valuables are stored safely. To the right choice for storage your treasures, and your important documents, security determines you may get. Keyless lock is the latest technology that provides your goods storage facility or the security is presented without using keys. This technology allows you to not have to secure a small key that can be left behind or fall, even disappear in some places. This will make you cannot open your closet because of lost keys. With keyless lock, not to repeat the same mistakes.

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